About Us

Who We Are


A church of outreach

– We focus a majority of our efforts and goals reaching out to those who are not in a church. We believe that God has called us to reach those that many churches might look down upon. Our motto is our calling: Real Church for Real People. We believe that God loves us just the way we are, but He loves us too much to keep us that way. The Rock has annually seen between 150 and 300 first time decisions for Christ since 2006.

– We also believe that in order to reach the unchurched world, those in the church must grow in maturity with a goal to glorify God, develop a real and personal relationship with Jesus, and catch the vision of impacting their world. We strive to build this growth into our congregation so that they can reach out to the unchurched.


A church of multiplication

– We believe in multiplying leaders and sending them out. A majority of our staff have been grown from within our church body. A total of 52 full-time or part-time vocational ministry leaders have been raised up. Half of these are now licensed Pastors and Pastor’s wives! We have also raised up and sent out five missionary couples.

– We believe in multiplying churches by raising up pastors and staff and sending them off with a team of 75 to 100 highly-motivated individuals. Since 2006 we have planted four churches!


A church of equipping

– We desire to grow the Kingdom of God by equipping other smaller churches. It is our desire to be a training center where smaller churches can come and learn in order to be more equipped for their unique situations at no cost.

– We also desire to draw men and women to our church who desire to be church planters, worship leaders, chil-dren’s directors, and other ministry leaders and raise them up to flourish within our own church. Once trained and equipped, these leaders can be sent out to fulfill their calling within a church plant.